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Latest indicative prices from around the globe

Thomson Reuters Contributor

Market Vision

Agropa Trading provides clients with extensive market analysis. We send on a daily basis a sheet with the latest indicative market supply offers and purchasing demands. 

Over 400 companies receive our reports.

Let us know if this report is of interest to you so that we will make sure that you are included in our mailing list to continue receiving our sheets in the future.

Day Value

Our clients can request a historical market price for a particular commodity. On receipt of your inquiry, we will go through our database to see if indicative bids and offers for a given product on a certain day can be established.


The historical market price represents the Agropa Trading’s vision of the market price on a specific day. It is provided without any liability on the part of Agropa Trading LP and should not be considered as the final market price. Please note that there may be occasions when our vision of the market price is not available.

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